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Meta’s owned product Whatsapp is one the most popular and widely used instant messaging app with more than 2 billions users recorded in 2021. More than 100 Billion messages are being exchanged daily on whatsapp. 

There are many third-party applications used for fulfilling whatsapp user’s requirements, There are Whatsapp clones with more features then even whatsapp itself. Depending upon the needs of whatsapp users, Whatsapp itself is working hard on new features in its upcoming updates. We talked about many whatsapp updates in our recent blog, today we’ll also highlight an important issue that people are facing so that this should be considered in future whatsapp updates 

There are situations in which we are busy with office work, family or etc, we can’t receive calls and reply to messages at some time. But we can’t even make people feel bad for not replying or receiving calls. There is an option to send an immediate message when you decline a call. This feature was introduced a long time ago by whatsapp. 

How does it work?

Use of this feature is simple, whenever someone calls you on whatsapp, you might have seen 3 buttons in screen:

  1. On the left most, there is a decline call icon with a red receiver on it. Swiping the button upwards will make your whatsapp call decline. 

  2. The button in the middle is for receiving the call.

  3. Last but not least, there is an instant message send button that will decline the call and send an instant message automatically to the caller.

It gives you some text suggestions, you just have to click on the text suggestion and your text will be sent to the caller instantly or you can tap on the custom message option to send a custom message. By tapping on that option, the app will decline the call and redirect you automatically to the conversation screen. 

There is another problem that arises for people who don’t even have time to reply to a message or they might be stuck in a situation where they can’t reply to a message of even his/her close ones. There should be a solution to tackle those situations and not make them feel ignorant. Although there are some third-party apps that provide you the auto replier facility. Actually the application name is “Autoresponder”. This app allows us to auto respond to your messages. There are few answers that are built-in and well fit-in in most of the situations such as “Ok“, ”I arrive“, ”We see them” or also “I’m on my way right now, let’s talk later“. This application also allows us to set a time. 

What is the timer used for?

The timer in the autoresponder app is used for scheduling, you can schedule a time at which the autoresponder app will run and reply to incoming messages. This Autoresponder app is completely free to use but these applications are third-party applications. Whatsapp itself doesn’t endorse the use of third-party applications and whatsapp clones.

If you want to learn more about whatsapp clones and other third-party apps, you can read our blog on GB Whatsapp. Or if you are looking for more on whatsapp updates then do visit our website regularly for more updates on whatsapp.


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Written by Umair Malik

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