Ever Got Confused by whatsapp Checkmarks? Here is a solution.

You might have noticed different checkmarks in WhatsApp while sending a message to someone. Whenever you send a message to someone, you will face 3 different checkmarks but they all have different meanings. 

Three different check marks include 

1. one grey tick.

2. Two grey ticks.

3. Two blue ticks.


One grey tick occurs when you send a message to someone and WhatsApp confirms that the message is sent successfully from your side, But the message is received by the other person, this occurs when the other person is offline or their internet is not working. 

Two grey checkmarks which indicates that your message is successfully received by the other person. The time it takes to convert from one grey tick to two grey ticks  indicates the availability and speed of their internet.

Two blue ticks which confirms that the message is successfully read by the other person. Some users set their read receipts off to hide from others, in this case you won’t get 2 blue ticks but only for that particular person.

“Turn off read receipts” option allows you to hide your activities from other users like message seen and story view. This means that if see a delivered message, the sender won’t be able to see 2 blue checkmarks and on the other hand if you watch your friend’s story then your friend can’t see you in the viewer’s list.

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