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Ever wanted to delete someone' message from Group Chat but d

Ever Came through a situation where you wanted to delete someone’s spam/accidental message from a group chat but didn’t knew how to do it despite being the admin of the group??

Well here’s a solution!! 

WhatsApp has decided to give every group admin the authority to delete any group member’s message for everyone. This update will be specifically for group admins who manage WhatsApp groups and communities, Initially they are looking to remove limitations of message revoking. 

Message Revoking is a feature WhatsApp introduced a while ago, in this feature WhatsApp allows users to revoke or delete a message sent mistakenly to anyone within 60-75 mins after the message is sent. The message will not be visible to any of them after deleting it for everyone. WhatsApp is currently looking to fix any limitations of the message revoking feature. WhatsApp might extend the time limit to delete the message from 1 hour to 7 days and 8 mins.

According to WABetaInfo, this new update will be released and might be the first beta update for 2022. They also shared a screenshot in which it can be seen that two admins are deleting each other’s message and WhatsApp is showing a message “This was removed by an admin”. We will clearly see that a message was removed by the group admin or the individual themselves. 

The release date isn’t announced yet even for the beta testers, but WhatsApp may release it for the beta testers at the start of next year. Good thing is that WhatsApp is looking forward to enhancing the Admin authorities so that they can easily manage their WhatsApp groups. 

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