Features Like Skype and Instagram in WhatsApp😕 Really?????

Is WhatsApp really coming up with attracting features like Skype and messenger??

Just like Instagram, skype and messenger; WhatsApp has finally decided to bring a message reaction feature in the app. Message reaction feature allows users to give react Via emojis to someone’s text, video or image shared in the chat. This feature is currently under development and reported to be available in individual and group chats. A user can react to a message once from a list of 6 emojis only.

WhatsApp may look to enhance this feature after it’s release and based upon user’s reviews. Recently WhatsApp Beta Info accidently released it’s under development version of message reaction update but that didn’t work as they wanted. But through that release WhatsApp Beta Info revealed it’s working.

But The Question Here is:

Will we get notifications for message reaction?

WhatsApp is also working on message reaction notification, you will also turn off notifications for message reaction. Sometimes we get irritated by unnecessary notifications, keeping this in mind WhatsApp beta info announced this update to handle message react notifications to turn on and off. WhatsApp Beta Info revealed this on their twitter account. Once this feature will be passed by the beta testers, they will publish it for all their users.

According to the screenshot shared by the tipster, their message reaction feature will initially be the same as other applications but in future they might look to enhance this feature and make it state of the art.  

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