Have you ever lost a important message on WhatsApp? Worry Not…

Often it happens with people that they lost an important message and had to scroll a lot to find a specific message. It consumes a lot of time, maybe you are in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to find it.

WhatsApp does provide two types of solution to this problem:

  • “Starred Messages” is the feature where you can find all the saved messages. It is like bookmarking a message and then finding it in that list. It saves your precious time and helps you find your important bookmarked messages easily and quickly. You can easily add a message in the starred messages list by just following a couple of steps. First you need to long press a message you want to bookmark, then tap on the star icon that will appear at the top. Your message is successfully bookmarked. Now you can go to the home screen, click on the 3 dots icon and select the starred messages option. Now you will see all your bookmarked messages.
  • Second way to tackle this problem is to search for messages from conversation. You can use this only if you remember the exact wording or a unique term of that message. To use this you need to follow a couple of steps. First open the conversation and click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner, then you need to select the “Search” option. Now type an exact term that the message contains or you can even type a whole message for more accuracy. WhatsApp will automatically take you to those messages which will match the search term.

These two features are really helpful for users, you can save important messages for later use or if you haven’t bookmarked that messages yet then search the message in the sender or receiver’s conversation 

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