Security is getting tight in WhatsApp!! Here is how…

“WhatsApp may automatically log your linked devices out”

WhatsApp Beta has rolled out a new security patch by which they can log you out automatically from any linked device that doesn’t sync properly with your mobile device. Because if your phone doesn’t properly sync with the linked device, it may cause your chats messages and other data to be wrongly synced. 

Recently a WhatsApp user reported this issue to their support team, WhatsApp addressed this issue and now it is fixed by their development team and an update is being rolled out for beta testers. So if your data is properly synced with the linked device, WhatsApp will automatically log you out from the linked device.

But The Question here is:

Will you be able to login again from that device?

Yes, WhatsApp will not ban your linked device but it will just log you out from that particular device. You can relink to that device by just using the same procedure to link a device, if you are unaware of linking device method then follow these steps to link or relink a device:

  • Open WhatsApp App

  • Click on the 3 dots on top right corner

  • Click on linked Devices

  • Tap on link a device and scan QR code of Whatsapp Web

  • Hold your phone until whatsapp redirects to Whatsapp Web home screen

Will it work on the previous WhatsApp version?

WhatsApp may log you out automatically if you have previous version of WhatsApp installed on your phone. To fix this, you just need to update WhatsApp and relink the device again. 

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