Enable Two Step Verification in Whatsapp (6/6)

Above we talked about biometric authentication but wait a minute biometric verification has limitations to it.

Consider this scenario what if the attacker/scammer didn’t get access to your phone for long enough and instead he swapped sims or somehow hacked your sim… Now he can do anything because he has your registered SIM, he can use this number to scam people or do a malicious activity with your account who knows…

So to keep yourself protected and safe from this scenario the best approach is to enable two-step verification what that does is enable another security layer before giving access to your WhatsApp account.

When two-step verification is enabled whenever you change your device or change in SIM state occurs and you log into WhatsApp it shares a 6-digit code via SMS or Registered Mail. And after confirming the code it then lets you log in.

But what is the right method to follow…

No, Because the attacker has access to your SIM sending a 6-digit code to that number won’t be of any good. If he has the SIM that means he can easily access your Gmail meaning that he can still get the 6-digit code. So it’s not so beneficial once you lose the SIM.

The question is how should Two Factor be enabled so that there is no way to breach it…

What we will suggest is to not use your mobile number or Gmail id with two-step verification instead use some third party token authentication code generator apps, there are multiply available on market for example:

Google Authenticator.

Each one has its perks we will cover that up so stay tuned for more…

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