Thought of Talking to someone on WhatsApp Without Being Online

Ever wanted to talk to someone but couldn’t talk in fear of showing online.. Well worry not here is a trick to solve that.

WhatsApp is a free Messaging app that keeps you connected with your family, friends and co-workers. However many people sometimes like to be private and don’t want to appear online on WhatsApp. But WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with this feature.

Due to this, people are moving to WhatsApp MODs like GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus which are the same as WhatsApp but with enhanced features like hiding last seen and many more. But there is a risk in using WhatsApp MODs, WhatsApp officials can ban your phone number permanently and also they aren’t aware of the practices being done with your whatsapp data by the WhatsApp MODs owners. So, It is risky to use this approach to use WhatsApp MODs.

But There is a way through which you can still stay offline and reply to your friend on WhatsApp, not only a single reply but you can have a proper conversation with your friends.

If your WhatsApp Notifications are not on:

  • First you have to long press on WhatsApp Icon and click on the app information icon.

  • In the app information page, go to notification.

  • Now turn on notifications for WhatsApp.

Now whenever your friend sends you a message on WhatsApp, a message popup will appear. All you need to do is click on the reply icon and reply to your friend. As long as you are chatting with your friend the whole conversation will be shown in the notification bar. This way you can have a conversation with your friend without appearing online. 

This might be more secure than using MODs for this particular feature, whatsapp guarantees your data’s security while these MODs owners don’t. Your account will be safe from getting banned by whatsapp or Facebook. As mentioned above, WhatsApp Inc doesn’t support the practices they (MODs) do with your data so it is kind of unsafe to use WhatsApp MODs, they might cause a permanent ban on your official WhatsApp account. Meta also has the right to ban you from Facebook.  The most alarming thing is we don’t know how our data will be used by the owners of these MODs. Because there are no monetization methods implemented in these MODs, they might use our data to get the benefits from these MODs.

Expert recommendation is to stick with the official WhatsApp as they are working on adding new features day by day and is safe to use. There is an old saying which states “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. 


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