Wanted to make custom Stickers on WhatsApp but didn't knew?

Well The Solution is WhatsApp’s own sticker maker?

Many of you are using some third-party sticker maker apps to create custom stickers for WhatsApp, now WhatsApp has finally introduced its own sticker maker inside WhatsApp. Although this sticker maker is not available in WhatsApp mobile, you can use it on Computer or Laptop through WhatsApp web.

Through WhatsApp sticker maker you can turn any image into a sticker, you can use your friend’s random images and make them a funny sticker. Sticker maker for WhatsApp is a very popular thing in recent times, WhatsApp took the hype into consideration and decided to launch its own sticker maker so that it can keep its users engaged with the app.

How to Use WhatsApp’s sticker maker feature?

  • Open WhatsApp Web in your laptop or computer’s browser or alternatively use the desktop version of WhatsApp.

  • If you are not logged into WhatsApp web, scan the qr code and get logged in.

  • Open any chat and click on the paperclip icon.

  • Select Stickers.

  • Click the button. (Navigate to Image)

  • Now you have a scissor tool through which you can cut the border.

  • Next you have a T icon which allows you to add text to your sticker.

  • After creating a sticker you can just click on the send button.

Not only this, you have some other tools and options to make your sticker just like you wish. We are hoping that WhatsApp should launch this feature in WhatsApp mobile as well. This feature can be in the testing phase because WhatsApp runs through a proper procedure before launching an update.

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