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WhatsApp is one of the most feature packed and powerful instant messaging apps, besides being in competition with other instant messaging apps like telegram, whatsapp still leads in terms of numbers. It has billions of active users. Whatsapp is also available in 60 different languages in Android and 40 different languages in iOS. 

WhatsApp allows you to share any sort of file whether it is a document file or attachment file, but just like Image preview, location preview, contact preview and even if you send an audio to someone, whatsapp informs you about the size and length of the audio. When you share a document or something in attachment, the preview is not visible to the sender nor to the receiver.

WhatsApp has just updated a news article regarding document preview, they are going to add a document preview feature which means if you will send an attachment to anyone especially a docs file, pdf file, images, or videos, you will be able to see the preview of that attachment.

WABetaInfo just shared a screenshot featuring that upcoming feature, in that screenshot, they shared an image as a document and there is a proper preview of that particular image shown to both the sender and the receiver. They also mention the previous updates in which the preview is not visible, there is just an image name shown with the image size. They also confirmed that whatsapp is rolling out a document preview feature through which we will be able to preview the document. The feature is currently under development and is not available for even beta testers, as soon as beta testers receive the update with this feature, then whatsapp will publish it as a public version which will be available to everyone. 

Whatsapp beta is a platform where whatsapp tests it’s updates and monitors the reviews of it’s beta testers. There are a limited number of whatsapp beta testers, on which the updated feature of whatsapp relies. Once the testing feedback from beta testers is good to go, then whatsapp publishes its application to production which is a public version of whatsapp that can be accessible to everyone. You can also become a beta tester for whatsapp by joining the beta program, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to join the beta program at first try. There are limited activations available for beta program in whatsapp so you might hae top try again and again to join the beta program of whatsapp.

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