WhatsApp Emojis Shortcut, New Whatsapp Audio design

WhatsApp audio:

Whatsapp audio is for us, the most useful news of the week, because the inclusion of waveform is one of the most awaited updates for whatsapp users.

When you forward a voice note to someone, the interface of the voice note changes to the normal audio interface which occurs when you send an audio file on whatsapp. Now whatsapp has decided to change the audio interface as well as the forwarded voice note design. The design changes include the inclusion of the voice waveform and color scheme.

Old WhatsApp Audio Design vs New WhatsApp audio Design:

In the old Whatsapp audio design, there is a headphone icon with a yellow background, and a straight line right after the play button. When you press the play button, the dot over the straight line starts moving toward the right end of the line, the position of the dot indicates the progress of the audio player (how much the audio is left). 

The new design of the audio player will be different from the previous one, the yellow theme will be converted to orange and the straight line will be replaced with the waveform design. Waveform design will indicate the progress of the audio as well as the frequency of the voice note of the audio. If there are higher frequency notes in the audio, the audio waveform will create higher waves, if there are low frequency notes in the audio, the waveform will create lower waves. There will be no static length of wave for lower or higher notes, the size of the wave will vary according to the frequency of the note.

Emoji Shortcut:

On the second number, I will consider the emoji shortcut update, as we all know whatsapp has some really good collections of emojis but unlike other instant messaging apps, it doesn’t shortcut to insert an emoji. In skype, if you write an emotion name inside parentheses like “(sad)”, there will be a list of suggested emojis that matches the keyword. This feature is available for WhatsApp UWP users only for now. Maybe they will bring this feature into the other platforms as well. This feature will help whatsapp users to type faster, and quick responses with emojis. The syntax of using emoji shortcut feature in whatsapp is different from skype. You should use a colon “:” as a prefix and then write a keyword e.g “:Happy”, “:Sad” or “:Smile”, a list will pop up with emojis that are matching your keyword. WABetaInfo disclosed this news on their website, they also shared a screenshot featuring emoji  shortcut feature and displayed a list  

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Written by Umair Malik

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