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So today let’s discuss WhatsApp group link?, how does WhatsApp group link works, and How to join Whatsapp Group via Whatsapp Group Link. But before we start let’s get to know a bit about Whatsapp Groups and how they work.

As we all are humans we like to socialize and stay in groups it’s our natural tendency. In our society, we people make different groups with the same interest. Similarly, different platforms provide the functionality/feature of groups for example Facebook Groups, Skype Groups, LinkedIn Groups, etc.

Whatsapp also introduced this feature back in 2015. So,

What are Whatsapp Groups?

Coming to the answer WhatsApp groups are a collection or a gathering of WhatsApp users who can be from anywhere around the world having the same topic of interest. In such groups, people talk in a rather gathering structure everyone can talk and communicate with each other. Any user can create or be a member of as many groups as they want, and each group can have up to 250 members in it. These groups can have more than one Administrator in them who can manage the groups and moderate them. Only these admins or moderators can add people to the group or remove them from the group.

How to Create a Whatsapp Group?

Any Whatsapp user with a working Whatsapp account can create a group. Group can be created by following these steps below:

  1. Click on the Three Dots at the top right corner.
  2. From the dropdown menu opened click on the “New Group” option.
  3. Select Participants for the group from the next screen.
  4. Selected participants can be changed and new ones can be added to the group later on.
  5.  On proceeding ahead it will prompt a screen to place user Group Name/Subject and Icon for the group. Give a detailed name of the group up to 25 characters long.
  6. Recently Whatsapp also introduced a feature of disappearing messages this option is also available.

Once done with the name and icon you can click the tick icon below a group will be created and you will be the administrator of the group. Group will be created with details confirmation on the chat screen.

How to Manage a Whatsapp Group?

Whatsapp has given a lot of control to the admins of the group, admins can add users to the WhatsApp group, remove them from the WhatsApp group and do a lot of wonders being the admin. Below are some of the controls mentioned that an admin has over the Whatsapp group.

  1. Admins of the Whatsapp Group can add new users to the group through direct adding or via sharing Whatsapp Group Links to Whatsapp Users.
  2. Admins of the Whatsapp Group can also remove the users they want to. (Nobody can remove the admin except the creator of the group).
  3. Admins can mute the Whatsapp Group, meaning that only admins and moderators can speak in the group, and the rest of the users will only get notifications and they can only read conversations.
  4. Admin can restrict settings of changing Whatsapp Group Icon and Description to himself which means no one else can modify these settings.
  5. Admins can set the Disappearing messaging feature which will enable the group chats to be stored for only a period of 24 Hours, 7 Days, 90 Days, or forever(off).
  6. Admins of the group can add new admins to the group and manage them.

How to add Users to a Whatsapp Group?

A single Whatsapp group can only contain 250 Users in it. These users can be added through two methods.

First Method Through Direct Adding(only admins can do this):

Only admins can add new users through this method. They can search for the user they want to add. Admins can only add 250 Users per Whatsapp Group. If a user has enabled privacy setting as mentioned here in our Privacy Blog, then they will get a private invite and it will be up to them whether they want to be added to the group or not.

Second Method Through Whatsapp Group Links:

This is the second method to add users to the Whatsapp group. Every participant of the group can add other Whatsapp users to the group with their consent and if the admin has enabled Whatsapp Group Link Invite setting. Participants or Admins can copy the link of the group and distribute them to the desired audience they want in the group.

The invitees on receiving the group link can join the group and be a member. However, the admin can reset the link at any time and this makes the previous link disabled or invalid.

However, the most commonly used feature is sending Invites through Whatsapp Group Link, because this way a larger amount of audience can be reached.

Now let’s address the common question arising in the mind of users…

How Does Whatsapp Group Link Work?

A Whatsapp Group Link Invite is a Sharable Link that allows Whatsapp Users to join any specific group conversation by just clicking on the link. Whatsapp Group Chats are a great way to include new users in ongoing chats or a similar topic of interest. Group Chats and Whatsapp Group Links work for Whatsapp users who are on Android or IOS with the latest updated version of Whatsapp Installed. This works if an already participant of a group shares a link and other Whatsapp users(not the members of that group) can join the group through that group link and become a participant to the group.

Does generated Whatsapp Group Link Expire?

Whatsapp Group Link contains basic information about the group including group name, group description, group icon, and participants list. But these links do expire after 72 hours of it being created if the Whatsapp user doesn’t respond in 72 Hours.

Is Whatsapp Group Link Safe?

Anyone with a Whatsapp group invite link can access the group. Due to this Whatsapp Groups Link, credibility has been a topic of chatter for so long. But Whatsapp has declared its group link mechanism safe and secure, however, on clicking the link one does get the details of the group including the participants, So if this link gets in the wrong hands they can access the participant information from the group. Here’s an article on how to keep yourself safe on Whatsapp.

Who Can Send Invites using Whatsapp Group Link?

Admins of the group can send Whatsapp Group Link invites, but if the group link is set to public share then all the participants can get the invite link and share them.

How can I send Whatsapp Group Link?

If you are an admin of the group simply go to the group info section and select Invite Via Link copy the link and share it at any platform you desire. But if you are a participant and you don’t find the Invite Via Link option on group info then ask the admin to make the group link public so you can share it

What are famous Whatsapp Groups to Join?

Here below are a few famous WhatsApp groups and their joining Group Links that we found after days of research, still, we don’t recommend you to join such groups but it’s up to you… ENJOY!!!

Indian Girls Numbers Whatsapp Group Link.

Travel Boys Whatsapp Group Link.

HACKERone7 Whatsapp Group Link.

Udemy Free Courses Whatsapp Group Link.

Online business and jobs Whatsapp Group Link.

Earn Money Online Whatsapp Group Link.

USA Funny videos Whatsapp Group Link.

USA Status World Whatsapp Group Link.

Educational & moral inform Whatsapp Group Link.

These links may be invalid as these Groups can be full of members and neither are we giving any surety of credibility of these groups…

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