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Whatsapp backup was unlimited till now but whatsapp now will not provide unlimited storage on google drive for your whatsapp backup. Because now your whatsapp drive backup storage will ultimately affect google drive storage. You can only save limited backups to google drive. Google Drive normally provides 15 gb of storage for free every year, but nowadays, 15 gb is barely capable of saving all the whatsapp drive backup. To use extended storage which is upto 100gb/year, you have to subscribe for google one 100 gb storage plan.

This report was announced by WABetaInfo, they also have shared a screenshot in which different packages could be seen clearly by us, but the prices and amount of storage was not revealed by them. Whatsapp will still offer some free storage but as mentioned previously… the prices and amount of storage is not clear. Many people rely on the google drive cloud backup of whatsapp, after removing unlimited storage access… Many users are going to be affected by it.

Whatsapp doesn’t keep your backup on its own servers, there are two ways to save whatsapp chats and media backups.

  1. Store it locally somewhere.
  2. Connect google drive account with your whatsapp account.

The most reliable way to save whatsapp backups should be cloud backup(google drive), but no it’s not. You can be amazed after hearing this but this is my personal experience. I took complete backup of my whatsapp chats and media which means all my whatsapp data till date backup should be saved to the cloud storage but It didn’t happen. When I switched to the other phone and installed whatsapp, there was nothing in my google drive backups. Even my old backup was deleted from there. I lost all the videos, all the important text messages and stuff. I recommend you not to just rely on cloud backup.

There is another way to save whatsapp backup, that is your local storage… you can make a zip file of a whatsapp folder in local storage and save it to your memory card, personal computer or even on the cloud manually. This way, you can rely on that backup because that was taken manually by you. So that in future if you forget to take backup of whatsapp chats or your phone gets damaged or snatched from you, at least there will be a backup that you would love to look upon to in case your google drive backup doesn’t respond to you. I’m not asking you not to rely on google drive backup but sometimes they do not respond to your request, that time you should have an external backup. 

How can I manually take whatsapp backup?

Taking whatsapp backups manually may take a lot of your storage and effort but for me it is more reliable now than relying on cloud storage. As we discussed, whatsapp is limiting the storage they allotted for whatsapp backups on google drive, previously they were offering unlimited storage but they are working on an update which will limit the backups to their google drive storage.

It is a free method and reliable method to store your whatsapp backups manually, here is how you can do it:

  • First you need a file compressor (in case you don’t have a built-in file compressor in your smartphone).
  • Secondly you have to go to file manager -> internal storage
  • Scroll down to Whatsapp folder and long press on WhatsApp folder
  • There should be an option to compress, if there is no such option in your phone then open file compressor application and add the folder to archive.
  • After doing it, you can save that zip file to your personal computer.

How can I add backup to my new device?

If you have saved your whatsapp backup manually then it is very easy to add backup to your new phone, here is how you can add it: 

  • First Copy the zip file (backup file) to your device (in which you have whatsapp installed).
  • Extract the folder in Internal Storage.
  • And Replace it with the current WhatsApp Folder.
  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Verify the number.
  • It will automatically verify your backup files.

Note: If it ask you to verify your backup from google drive then, do not go for it because

  1. It is time consuming.
  2. It may not verify all of your backup. 
  3. They will stop providing unlimited storage access in future.

How to get free storage on Google One?

There is a way you can get 100 gb of storage on Google One for one year, but that gift is only for chrome book users. If you have chrome book then you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Open Chrome in your web browser.
  • Go to
  • Select the 100gb Offer
  • Scroll down to the driver and click “Redeem offer.” 

Note: This offer is only for Chromebook users. Google One storage is not the only benefit you will get after getting Chromebook, but also you will get some more deals and free gifts along with google one storage

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