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Whatsapp is a meta owned product for instant messaging, there are nearly billions of daily whatsapp users and more than 100 billion messages are shared across whatsapp. Whatsapp is working on many updates, few of the whatsapp updates are mentioned in the previous blog. Few of whatsapp upcoming updates will be discussed in this blog. 

WhatsApp business chat:

Whatsapp is continuously working on whatsapp business updates, now they have revealed that they are going to add a new message that is going to be popped up in the business chat whenever someone will reach you from the business directory. Whatsapp business directory. The message will be “This person has contacted you from the business directory” nad a similar message will be shown to you on your whatsapp messenger “you contacted this business from businesses nearby”, it will also be visible the same way it is visible on whatsapp business.

What is WhatsApp Business Directory?

Whatsapp app business directory is the most convenient and easy way to expand your business. Before Whatsapp business directory, people weren’t able to reach you on whatsapp business with having your phone number saved but whatsapp business directory made it easier and simpler for you to get clients more easily and expand your business. You can put your business on a map through the business directory but for that you need to be qualified. To qualify for whatsapp business directory, you need to to meet the following requirements:

  • After the release will be available publicly, you will be needed to download the latest update of whatsapp business. 
  • Complete your business profile by putting all the required information on it
  • You are needed to set your profile picture privacy to the public.
  • You should have a business license (more details will be provided by whatsapp after the feature is released).

Global Voice Note player:

Global voice note player is a new addition to the existing whatsapp voice note player. As we have observed that the whatsapp voice note player stops when we exit the conversation, after this update, the voice note player continues to play the voice note even if you navigate to other conversations or whatsapp settings. This feature was to be released in android, but now whatsapp decided to release it for iOS users and whatsapp web users as well.

How will it work?

The way it works is pretty simple, when you open a chat and play a whatsapp voice note, after the whatsapp voice note starts, press back button on WhatsApp and you will see a bar which will show the progress of the whatsapp voice note.

Whatsapp Message Reaction For Android in iOS users:

Message reaction feature has been used by many applications for many years, but it was missing from whatsapp while the other meta owned applications like instagram and facebook were already using this feature for a long time. Whatsapp has now decided to launch it’s message reaction feature for Android and iOS users.
Whatsapp message reaction features will have 5 different built-in reactions based on general emotions, and you can react to any message including media, voice note, text or document.

This whatsapp message reaction feature is already explained in our previous blog, if you want to learn more about this feature like: how will it work? or how will it be different from others etc. Visit our blog by clicking on the link.


Media visibility when message disappearing is turned on:

As we all know that whatsapp has recently released a feature of whatsapp message auto disappearing but there was a problem people were facing while using that feature, the problem was that if whatsapp message disappearing is turned on, the media sent in the conversation should not be appearing in the gallery. To address this issue, whatsapp is working on hiding the media visibility in the gallery while the message disappearing feature is on. But this does not show that the user will be unable to take screenshots of the application. Meta owned whatsapp might think about notifying people on someone taking a screenshot of your chat just like Snapchat. Snapchat notifies you on every action someone takes on your profile either by taking a screenshot of your profile or saving anything from the chat.

We have already explained about Whatsapp message disappearing feature, if you want to learn more about it, you can visit our blog by clicking on the link.

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