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Whatsapp is currently working on some exciting new updates that are going to be released in the near future. They might start revealing it one-by-one with complete working of the functionality. We will discuss some of the whatsapp upcoming features in this blog.

Whatsapp upcoming features:

Sharing high-resolution images and videos on Whatsapp: It was a big issue on Whatsapp that is going to be solved finally, users were unable to send high resolution pictures because what whatsapp was doing, when we send an image or video to someone, whatsapp stores it on whatsapp servers in compressed and encrypted form, then deliver the compressed (low quality) image to the receiver.

People were using another hack to send high quality images, that hack is when you send a document, whatsapp doesn’t compress that so people were sending images and videos as a document so that the receiver will receive high quality images. Now in future updates, whatsapp is going to allow us to share high quality images and videos directly with image preview. 

Whatsapp Group Editor: when we create a new group… We normally get confused in selecting a whatsapp group icon, to make our choices easier and simpler, whatsapp is currently working on creating a new feature for whatsapp groups, it is like an editor which will allow us to create a whatsapp group icon customizably. Not only a group icon but we also will be able to customize and re edit the group info page like theme and colors of the page. We might also be able to edit the layout like placing call and chat buttons, changing their size and other stuff.  

WhatsApp communities: There is one to one conversation, there are groups and then there will be communities… Yes! whatsapp communities is one of the most highlighted upcoming features by the tech giant. Whatsapp communities will be a group of different groups managed by one person or more. It has been reported to have difficulties for individuals to manage multiple groups for the same purpose, instead whatsapp decided to create communities which means the message admin will share with the community can be seen by everyone who is part of the community. 

Recently there was a problem for people who want to share the same thing with a large number of people because whatsapp itself allows a limited number or contacts to be added in a single whatsapp group. But now with the help of communities, an admin can combine all the groups into a larger community. WhatsApp communities was spotted by WABETAINFO at first in the previous year. To differentiate whatsapp communities and whatsapp groups, whatsapp have made some changes in the icons design, where the group icon is similar to typical whatsapp chat icon (rounded), community icon is rounded from corners and are in a square like shape. 

In addition to that, a group link is similar to groups, which will be used to invite people to the communities. QR will be another option through which people will join the communities. Also there is a reset link button which can be used in scenarios where unwanted people will start joining the groups.

Messages Auto disappearing feature: Whatsapp has released a new feature of auto disappearing messages for beta users, this feature allows users to select a time from given options after which the messages will be automatically disappeared. Currently public version users are using the message delete option which is quite different from messages disappearing feature.

How Message Delete feature is different from Message Disappearing Feature?:

  1. Whatsapp Auto Disappearing deletes the messages automatically without human involvement while In  messages delete function we have to manually delete the message.
  2. Whatsapp Message Disappearing feature gives you the option to save messages for upto 90 days then auto delete while on the other hand message delete for everyone feature only provides you 1 hour and almost 8 mins time to delete the message else it cannot be deleted.
  3. Whatsapp message disappearing feature doesn’t leave a placeholder behind like “This Message was deleted” or something while the other one leaves a message behind.

These are some key features that distinguish between whatsapp message delete and whatsapp message disappearing feature. Whatsapp is about to completely publish this feature once the testing phase is complete.

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Written by Umair Malik


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