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Whenever we are using an app or a platform we all get stuck somewhere in a situation where we require experts help or help from someone who knows the platform(maybe the creators). So recently in the last 5-10 years, a new concept was launched that brought users and platform owners close to each other. It was “Live Chat Support”. In Live Chat Support, we place our queries in front of the relevant department and get the solution for them. Platforms like hosting sites Bluehost, GoDaddy, and many many others have Live Chat Support integrated into their systems.

Recently Whatsapp also came up with the concept of “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” and announced to introduce it in WhatsApp messenger for their users.

It doesn’t mean that WhatsApp never thought about this “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” in the past or this is the first time WhatsApp is introducing it. No, WhatsApp did release “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” in one of their previous updates for certain beta testers and it was working perfectly, but somehow due to an unknown reason, WhatsApp decided to remove this feature for the time being.

Now WhatsApp has decided to re-launch “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” again but this time for their users not for their Beta Testers only. It will be a great initiative because many people were misguided about WhatsApp and its features, the reason was only the lack of guidance or we can say the lack of this feature. It’s because, if a third party is giving you some information about something, there are more chances that they will misguide you. Similar is the case of WhatsApp’s privacy policy which was criticized badly on social media and critics until WhatsApp itself barged in into that matter and clarified. People were switching to other similar applications like Signal app or Telegram mostly. This matter put WhatsApp into deep trouble and since then WhatsApp is more focused on releasing something new for their users so that they would stick with WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp also has decided to release a feature of “Whatsapp Live Chat Support”  through which their users will be able to directly communicate with their concerned department so that if a user is stuck in a problem or if they have any questions or concerns… They can directly contact “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” and get help from them in order to make sure that the concern or issue is resolved. As mentioned above they previously released “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” but it was limited to their beta testers and now it will be live and accessible to everyone.

Many of us will be thinking like how will it work or how WhatsApp will carry it though so let’s settle this down.

How will it work?

WABETAINFO shared a screenshot in which we can clearly see that this time it will be different from the previous one. In the previous one, WhatsApp isn’t replying to our queries personally in the inbox but this time they will directly inbox us on WhatsApp to understand and resolve our query. Our queries will be transferred to relevant departments and people from those departments will resolve or try to resolve our Queries hence making this “Whatsapp Live Chat Support” a magnificent feature for the future of WhatsApp.

But if we are getting messages from WhatsApp directly how would we recognize that it’s WhatsApp or how would we recognize that we are talking or guided by the right person rather than someone impersonating.

How would you recognize WhatsApp?

So How do we recognize someone on WhatsApp? By their profile picture right? No this is not right to recognize someone just from their profile picture. Anyone from anywhere can use someone else’s profile picture to scam you. The same is the case with this one, if WhatsApp texts you through their “Whatsapp Live Chat Support”, their chat will always be marked with a green verified checkmark indicating that it is someone authentic from WhatsApp or that it’s the real deal.

But the question is why would someone try to be WhatsApp or try to impersonate WhatsApp? What’s the worst they could do in this.

Why Would Someone text you while pretending the message is from WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Live Chat Support” asks you for some security questions and validation, they can use the same technique to fetch your personal information by asking you to provide it and we all know very well what someone with bad intentions does to personal information. So, always verify the green checkmark to confirm whether the message is from the Valid WhatsApp department or not.

Another question arises what will Whatsapp Live Chat Support ask from us what details would they require? 

What sort of information WhatsApp would Require? 

Whenever we enter any Live Chat Support System and we post some queries in their chat support, they ask for some basic info like maybe your validation code your network info, or guide you to do some changes on your end.

Same in the case of Whatsapp Live Chat Support they might ask you about your phone number, data network information, validation code, WhatsApp version, and OS Version, this information may help them understand the issue more efficiently and specifically. The better they understand the issue, the more chances there are that the issue will be resolved.

So excited about the new feature right??

How long would it take for WhatsApp to Release Live Chat Support?

WhatsApp is currently working on this Whatsapp Live Chat Support feature, they haven’t announced the re-release date of this feature yet, but soon they will re-release this feature, initially for beta testers then public version. 

Heard a lot about the WhatsApp beta version a lot of chatter about it and many of us will be unknown with its existence and would be wondering what is it. 

What is the Beta Version? How to access the beta version of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp enables its users to join its beta version to test and debug its latest release, after the feedback is good from its beta testers, then WhatsApp pushes to the public version. Beta version is like a testing version of a feature, Google Play Store allows publishers to release a beta version for testing and then promote the release to production which is accessible to non-beta testers.

If you wish to join WhatsApp Beta Version, click on this link

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