WhatsApp introduces Stealth mode!! Hide Whatsapp Last Seen.

Ever thought of hiding WhatsApp last seen and WhatsApp statuses from unwanted persons. Good news for you WhatsApp has introduced these features in WABetaInfo…

WhatsApp is currently working on many new features for their future updates, which include privacy settings like hiding last seen from strangers, hiding profile pictures from some of your contacts, and many more. WhatsApp has already released some of its announced features in beta testing and some of the features are planned to release at the start of the next year.

Recently WABetaInfo revealed a new concept about WhatsApp stealth mode, which will allow you to completely hide your last seen and online status from other users. Many people were complaining to WhatsApp that they haven’t released such a feature that will completely hide their online status because sometimes we want not to be disturbed by anyone. WhatsApp Stealth Mode concept by WA Beta Info gives an idea about how WhatsApp Stealth Mode will work. WhatsApp Stealth Mode is the term used by them but it only enhances the hide last seen option to hide online status on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Last Seen?

WhatsApp’s last seen feature allows you to see your contact’s last online time, like at which time the person was online. This feature is beneficial for some users like parents who can now keep track of their children’s online time and let them use social media to some extent at which is not harmful to them. It is very important for parents to monitor their children’s activities on social media So that they can stop their children from false use of WhatsApp or any other platform.

While on the other hand, some people don’t like this feature because sometimes or any time, they don’t like to get monitored by a stranger or not even their relatives. WhatsApp then came up with a feature to hide your last seen status but people are still able to see your online status. If you don’t know how to use hide last seen in WhatsApp, here is a quick guide for you:

1. First you need to open the WhatsApp app.

2. Now tap on the 3 dots shown at the top right corner.

3. Click on the Settings button.

4. Now you are in the settings menu, tap on the first option “Account”.

5. Now select the “Last Seen” option.

6. Now you have 3 options, if you are a Beta user then you might be seeing 4 option

  •    Everyone (Everyone will View your WhatsApp last seen after selecting this option)
  •    My Contacts (Only your contacts will be able to watch your online status)
  •    My Contacts Except (Only available for WhatsApp Beta Testers: Allow you to select options)
  •    Nobody (No one will be able to see your last seen but your online status will still be available to everyone)
last seen option

As mentioned above, WhatsApp last seen a feature that WhatsApp currently provides does not allow its users to completely hide their online status. But Recently they allow users to hide their online status from some of the contacts, maybe in the future, they might also start working on this suggestion by WA Beta Info. Many people requested WhatsApp to release a WhatsApp last seen hide feature that will allow them to completely hide their last seen and online status.

WABetaInfo shared a video in which we can see that when a user selects Nobody in last seen sections, a new option will appear “Hide Online Status”. If you don’t want to share your online presence, you can simply enable that feature. Now you are in stealth mode on WhatsApp and nobody can watch your online status.

Well, this is just a concept proposed by WABetaInfo, not something that is going to be released in the near future neither WhatsApp itself has announced anything about this feature. But we are hoping that this sample will make WhatsApp concentrate on this feature and they could start working on it.

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Written by Umair Malik

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