Whatsapp VS Telegram!! Which is best Instant Messenger app??

Is Whatsapp Messenger still the most used as compared to Telegram Messenger? Is Telegram Messenger better than Whatsapp Messenger? Is there any comparison between Whatsapp Messenger and Telegram Messenger? Which one is the best Instant Messenger Platform? 

These are the common questions in the mind of every individual, today let’s try to resolve some of these queries that all of us have regarding Whatsapp Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

Why Telegram?

So basically, Whatsapp Messenger has been ruling the Instant Messenger industry for the last decade or so. It has proven to be a major giant of the Instant Messenger industry by throwing constant feature updates and attracting more and more users towards it. Whatsapp Messenger has been the Top Ranking Instant Messenger Platform for the past 5 years with nearly 2 Billion active users per day and 5 Billion+ Downloads on the Google play store. Currently, it’s in the top 3 in the Communication category of Google Playstore. 

But these stats don’t mean that Whatsapp Messenger is the only giant in the industry of Instant Messenger in fact there are other competitors that have been a risk to Whatsapp Messenger survival, these competitors are pushing Whatsapp Messenger to its limits and making it try new things and bringing new features to the users. Whatsapp Messenger has many tops of the line Instant Messenger competitors including

  1. Telegram Messenger(1 Billion+ Download on Google play store).
  2. Discord(100 Million+ Downloads on Google play store).
  3. Signal Private Messenger(50 Million+ Downloads on Google play store).

But Telegram Messenger has been the major threat to Whatsapp Messenger in the domain of Instant Messenger. In the past couple of years, Telegram Messenger is giving a tough time to Whatsapp Messenger and pushing Whatsapp Messenger to do better in order to survive in Instant Messenger Domain.

In the first quarter of the year 2021, Whatsapp Messenger lost the trust of a huge dedicated user base due to their Privacy Policy Issue. This issue was raised when Whatsapp Messenger was mentioned in their Privacy Policy Update of 2021 which meant that Whatsapp Messenger could share its user’s private chats with Facebook/Meta, the parent company of Whatsapp LLC.

However, in reality, it was just a misunderstanding and a bit of confusion between Whatsapp Messenger, In Reality, Whatsapp LLC Referred to only those chats that were with a Business Account, and such conversations don’t have that level of Privacy as Chats with friends and family. But still sharing conversation is a point to be a bit worried about.

Anyways so, in these times when there was confusion between users and Whatsapp Messenger, competitors of Whatsapp Messenger tapped in the opportunity, and Telegram Messenger, the second-best Instant Messenger App gained popularity among users. But is it also that safe for users? Well, we will tell you the difference between both Instant Messengers apps.

which Instant Messenger Platform is more Secure? Whatsapp Vs Telegram!!

Telegram Messenger is owned by a Russian-born Pavel Durov, Telegram has around 1 Billion Downloads and nearly 500 Million active users on the platforms.

Telegram Inc and the owner Pavel Durov have never hesitated from downplaying or mocking the security of Whatsapp, neither they have missed the opportunity of tapping into the confusion of Whatsapp Privacy Issue and even to this point that Durov stated that “Telegram Messenger has better security and privacy for its users”.

But is it really so?? Well, what most people don’t realize is that, unlike Whatsapp messenger, Telegram has a bit weak security protocol. Let us get in detail here.

Whatsapp Messenger Provides End-to-End Encryption for Private and Group Chats, this encryption mechanism is set by default, But on the other hand in the case of Telegram Messenger, It provides End-to-End Encryption by the name of “Secret Chats” but by default messages and chats don’t benefit from this security of feature.

Another reason is that the messages are only encrypted when the communication is carried between Telegram Messenger servers and the User, but on the servers, the messages are placed in original format. so the risk of someone hacking or breaking into the system is hard but it’s there.

On the other hand, Whatsapp Messenger offers End-to-End Encryption for Private Chats, Group Chats, and now also for Chat Backup in “coming soon updates“.

Which Platform Stores More Information, Whatsapp Vs Telegram!!

As per our study on Telegram Messenger and Whatsapp Messenger Privacy Policy we concluded the below-mentioned information for you to better understand which Instant Messenger Platform stores more information.

On studying Telegram Messenger Privacy policy we came to the understanding that Telegram collects Fewer details than Whatsapp, they collect details including Ip Address, Device Details, history of username changes, activity on the Instant Messenger Platform, and it stores this information for up to 12 months.

on the other hand, Whatsapp collects a lot more metadata which includes some personal information such as your Location, Phone Number, Device Details, apart from this these details information are also shared with Meta/Facebook if you opt to do so.

so you may be thinking now,

Should I Change My Instant Messaging Platform? Should I Switch to Telegram from Whatsapp?

So, up till now we discussed that which platform is overall more secure for exchanging messages, photos, and videos. We came to know that Whatsapp is more secure and enhanced in terms of security.

The only reason one can think of Leaving Whatsapp Messenger is that if you have lost trust on WhatsApp and its privacy policies, do have a deep study before selecting Instant Messenger Platform.

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